About Özdoku

Özdoku Tekstil is the leading textile fabric producer in the sector that holds the pulse of World Fashion trends.

Founded in 1970, Özdoku tekstil is engaged in sales,marketing,production,accounting,import,export operations with its Professional management team and within a 28,000 m2 closed area in Istanbul.
Product fabric production average 900,000 Mt / month and 65 % of its production is exported to many countries of the Word our company is dealing with confection manufactures who is making export to european countries .


To become a company that; pioneers the advancement of fashion, sets trends,puts its customers’ needs above all else,sees technology not as a tool, but as a necessity,maintains an entrepreneurial spirit. İs expert and proficient,utilizes its experienced staff to remain aware of environmental and physical necessities,prioritizes equality,remains trustworthy and respectable while creating and delivering value,always taking into account our most important principle; SUSTAINABILITY


By 2025, become the foremost cloth producer and exporter in Turkey with its understanding of product quality and variation, agile and adaptable business strategy, while remaining a key strategic partner to our customers.

Human Resources Policy

Our company puts much emphasis on youth employment – especially talented and educated young individuals. We meet the vocational and personal training needs of the staff through conducting analysis on a regular basis. Implementation of orientation and rotation plans if and when needed; making sound career plans; appreciating and rewarding achievements; embracing the corporate culture; paying attention to ideas from any level; honesty; establishing respectful, participative and result-oriented teams are primary issues.

Because We,

Continue to act in accordance with our values, in our endless quest for new and exciting advancements.

Fallowing our principle of SUSTAINABILITY  and a proactive approach,we analyze and determine any and all risks to create preventive policies.Our main principles are defined by the desire to protect any natural resources bestowed upon us by the Earth,our commitment to preserve human welfare and to fulfill all responsibilities to our workforce and society in general.


Our Administration; are always focused on creating an ecosystem of trust, equality and respect in all relationships both commercial and personal, encompassing all of the fields of business that our company takes part in.

Our Workforce; working under the roof of justness and respect supplied them, help create a peaceful work environment that all can take part in with ubiquitous dignity.

Our Customers; find that they can always expect a trustworthy and honest approach to our business conduct in addition to respect and consistency from our company policies.

Our Suppliers; are treated to our understanding of a trustworthy, honest and responsible business relationship.

Our Administration ;; aiming for peak performance and success, through hard and passionate work, they are responsible for their actions to their customers, workers and the company as a whole.

Our Workforce ; working in unison in a well-organized manner, they are responsible for completing all of their allocated tasks with speed and efficiency.

Our Customers ; Feel that our approach to our relationship with them always takes the success of both parties into consideration and know that they will receive the upmost quality of service in a responsible and quick fashion.

Our Suppliers ; take their responsibilities very seriously with a sense of discipline and truthfulness.

Our Administrators; work closely with their staff to share in the wisdom and knowledge that comes from years of experience when needed. Thus, they aim to create a synergistic and cohesive work environment.

Our Workforce; inspired by their administrators cooperative attitude, work with upmost levels of team spirit. They work with the awareness that success will always stem from cooperation.

Our Customers; receive our services with a focus on raising commercial perceptions, working alongside our administration and staff and utilizing all the technical support required to work together in cohesion.

Our Suppliers; cooperate with us to create sustainable satisfaction for both parties.

Our Administration; aim for transparency while creating an honest, truthful and trusting environment.

Our Workforce; Work honestly within the prescribed transparent and approachable work environment.

Our Customers; are constantly in contact with the good will and sincerity expected of everyone at our firm.

Our Suppliers; work with us in a loyal companionship in order to create sustainable joint business platforms.

Our Administrators; continuously create a respectful and tolerant work environment and preserves open channels for communication.

Our Workforce; always provide constructive feedback in response to the positive and respectful environment within the company.

Our Customers; are always met with a friendly welcome in all of their business relationships within the company, prioritizing their satisfaction above all else.

Our Suppliers; serve us in a synergistic and results oriented, positive and constructive manner.

Our Administrators; are passionately and constantly in an attempt to advance the strategies, techniques that can potentially move our business forward.

Our Workforce; always aid in reaching our companies goals and ambitions, acting within the advancement frameworks prepared and clearly presented to them, while simultaneously developing themselves in the process.

Our Customers; are aware that we serve them with a high priority on quality and efficiency, utilizing new technological advancements to the fullest to fulfill their expectations.

Our Suppliers; are our business partners who quickly adapt themselves to new applications and technological advancements in order to preserve our commercial relationship.

Our Administrators; are share their knowledge and experience to guide the organization and each other.

Our Workforce; improve their knowledge and experience and use this information for the succes of their busines.

Our Customers; to receive the highest quality and speed service they trust on our knowledge and experience.

Our Suppliers; business knowledge and creativity in a common sense of high performance they share all their knowledge with us.


Our R&D department blends World fashion trends and customer wishes and develops outstanding fabric collections with its designs and compositions.

We welcome the demands and tastes of our customers with our professional design team with our main collection comes out twice a year and the continuous collection comes out every month.

We produce yarn for our special desing fabrics by blending yarns with the color we choose carefully and in different blends.

In our yarn spinning plant which is based on 5000m2 area,production is made with 150 tons/month capacity in our machines with double-layer elastic yarns,filament yarns and fancy yarn spinning processes.

Our company,which has the principle of customer satisfaction and production quality,carries out the production of fabrics with a fast and timely understanding of service.

Our campany is located in the area of 10000m 2 closed and equipped with the latest technology warp,weaving machines,weaving draft and 1000000 meters monthly production of woven fabric is made with capacity.

Our company focus to customer satisfaction and working to get higher trust from them.

Our physical test laboratories and control machines, which are equipped with state-of-the-art test equipment approved by World -class companies, deliver all fabrics to our customers with confidence.

With our principle of SUSTAINABILITY  we continue our studies without compromising the quality of human, environmental and World Standards. 

Raw materials and chemical materials used in the production of our company do not harm the environment and human health. OEKO-TEX Standard 100, 2018 M&S Document and BCI. 




Our company produces dobby and jacquard woven fabrics designed with recycled polyester, viscose, better cotton, linen, wool, acrylic and yarns in winter collection (200gr/m2 - 500 gr/m2) in summer collection (100gr/m2 - 200gr/m2) for use in trousers, jackets, skirts, dresses and coat products.

Fair News

The largest textile fair in the Americas, PV NY Premier Vision - New York, home to Özdoku Tekstil.
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Our qualitys still big InterestCustomers at The View Premium Selection Textile Fair organized in the Munich City .
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As we are in every year, we have got new customers in our exports by taking part in the londra fair .
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Our stand at Munich Fabric Start Fair organized in the Munich City of Germany met with intense interest.
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We are waiting for your valuable customers to present our New collection that we prepared for current fashion trends at Paris Premier Vision Fair which is one of the leading and larger textile fairs of France held in Paris city of France .
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13-15 September 2023

Texhibition Istanbul

4-6 July 2023

PV Paris - Premier Vision

18-20 July 2023

Munich Fabric Start

18-19 July 2023

PV New York Premier Vision

4-5 September 2023

The London Textile Fair


+90 212 858 0 444
Akçaburgaz Mh. 319. Sk. 34555 No.3 Esenyurt, Istanbul, Turkey
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